Keyboard - lesson four

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In our first three lessons we covered the first three rows of the keyboard. This being our fourth lesson, we shall, in keeping with custom, cover the fourth row. The number row.

The number row.

The number row presents a unique challenge to the typist. It is the furthest from the typist's fingers' resting position, the home row. These exercises will try to accustom you to the range of movement your fingers must achieve when dealing with a mixture of alpha-numeric keystrokes.

We shall also, in this lesson, build on our use of the shift keys and capital letters introduced in the last lesson. To test your geography, and because we felt the pun too fine to overlook we shall make extensive use of capital cities, in our practice of capital letters.

While your fingers hone their skills you can also dream a little as names of far flung places evoke memory and imagination. What wonders these places may hold, what customs its people practice, and what mysteries you might there unravel.

When you are ready to begin the lesson select an exercise and strike the key requested. Try not to look at the keyboard, it will be difficult at first but as the exercise progresses you will find it becomes easier and your fingers will begin to move without you consciously deciding which finger is associated with which key.

Before you begin typing make sure you are sitting up straight, your feet flat on the floor. Keep your elbows close to your body, your wrists straight and your forearms level, and remember to take regular breaks.

As before, you may find it helpful to quietly say the name of the key as you strike it. Don't let your mistakes cause you to lose heart, touch-typing is a skill that can be learned by practice.

Repeat each exercise at least three times.