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Joshua Poldark died in March 1783. In February of that year, feeling that his tenure was becoming short, he sent for his brother from Trenwith. Charles came lolloping over on his great roan horse one cold grey afternoon, and Prudie Paynter, lank-haired and dark-faced and fat, showed him straight into the bedroom where Joshua lay possed up with pillows and cushions in the big box bed. Charles looked in askance round the room with his small watery blue eyes, at the disorder and the dirt, then lifted his coat-tails and subsided upon a wicker chair which creaked under his weight.

The sample text is taken from Ross Poldark by Winston Graham.

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Typing is learned by practice.

Expert typists are not born with an innate affinity for keyboards. They have not taken a magic typing pill. Nor do they rely on enchanted keyboards for their skill. They practice.

The lessons of the typeonline course should have given you a grounding in touch typing. To improve, there is no substitute for practice.

Before you begin typing make sure you are sitting up straight, your feet flat on the floor. Keep your elbows close to your body, your wrists straight and your forearms level, and remember to take regular breaks.